Personal Taxes

We try to make the process as seamless as possible.
Our process includes:
obtaining any information that CRA provides through their downloads
scanning of all your documents
Efiling of tax returns when completed
easy payments for our services with Debit, Credit cards and E-transfer
PDF copies for long distance clients or for clients who prefer PDF

Corporate Taxes

Whether we do your bookkeeping or not we prepare your corporate tax return
We will give you a copy of the Corporate tax return as well as Financials if needed
We send Corporate tax into CRA electronically for you
We also do your HST for you


We have a bookkeeper onsite and can prepare your books Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly

We can also do your HST and can file the returns with CRA

Trust Returns

Our process includes:
filing the final return
sending in all the information in to CRA
We can apply for the Clearance Certificate once everything is filed

Payroll Services

We offer payroll services which include:
Monthly remittances and payroll calculations for staff
At the end of the year we also do T4’s, T5’s, T4A’s and T5018’s for your staff or contractors

Disability Credits

We can help you with the disability tax credit.

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