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Personal & Trust Tax

Tax Care Inc. provides specialized personal income tax services by looking at the “big picture”¬†and reviewing your entire family situation to ensure maximum tax credit benefits. The tax credits include, but are not limited to disability credits, caregiver credits, medical credits (including nursing home fees). Unclaimed credits should be applied for immediately, instead of waiting for the next income tax filing. We review notices of assessment and reassessment from the government, verifying the claims submitted.


Corporate Tax

Some corporate tax preparers want all of your business, including corporate income tax, hst return preparation, bookkeeping, financial statements, and payroll recording with year end tax slips. Every client is different and so are their requirements. We prepare as much or as little as a client needs. For example, one of our clients is a licensed Chartered Professional Accountant, who only needs corporate tax preparation.



Year round service

We take a look at the entire family situation to maximize non-refundable tax credits

Reasonable rates

New clients always welcome

Serviced clients in 8 provinces

Our professionals have been preparing taxes since 1991 and disability tax credits since 1992

Convenient communication set up across Canada including toll free telephone and fax services, website and email

Services offered for a flat fee (not based on percentage of refunds).

Fast and friendly staff

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